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Additional Information

  • We carry professional liability insurance. Many venues request outside ensembles to be insured; otherwise they add a surcharge of up to $4.00 per guest.

  • We arrive 1/2 hour BEFORE our contracted start time. This insures promptness.

  • We perform ceremonies for all religious denominations. We have a wide selection of Jewish music, Catholic mass parts and traditional Christian hymns.

  • We can coordinate with a church organist and singer.

  • In most cases, we can make an arrangement of a requested song. However, some songs just don't work well or sound good on strings. We try to accommodate all requests. There is no additional charge. If you request a contemporary song that is not on the popular song list, please make your request known no less than four weeks prior to your wedding date, as music arrangements are time consuming.

  • For church ceremonies, the fee includes 15 minutes of pre-ceremony music, music of your choice during the ceremony and 10 minutes of music for the receiving line.

  • We can supply an amplification system as needed.

  • Due to the volume of inquiries, we are unable to "hold" a date without a contract. Note: Please return your contract within two weeks. Your understanding is appreciated.

  • For booking, we ask for a nonrefundable $75 deposit to be returned with the contract. The balance is due on the date of services. Payment may be in the form of a check mailed 1 week prior or cash on the date of services.  Note: Please make checks payable to Kathleen McGee-Daly.

  • The fees quoted to your inquiries include the following:
     - travel and liability expenses
     - arrival 1/2 hour prior to the contracted start time
     - music provided for the entire length of the contracted time
    Gratuities are not included or required but are appreciated if you feel that the service was exceptional.

  • For advertising purposes, The Knot lists us in the music category of solos, duos, trios, quartets. However, we perform only as a trio or quartet. We feel a minimum of 3 instruments is required to produce a complete sound--harmonically and melodically speaking. The samples on our website are trio recordings. If requested, we can perform as a quartet with additional cost and space requirements.


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